Wednesday, April 6, 2011

4 months later...

Yep, I realize it's been four whole months since I last posted, and it really has been that long since I've done any kind of crafts! The horror!!! But I have good excuses! Over the last third of a year, I moved my entire household from our house downtown into our new home on the base. I love my new house, it's very white and clean, and super easy to KEEP clean (definitely the best part)!! I've been taking online classes from the local community college, going to the gym a lot, and teaching piano, for which there is a lot of constant preparation.

This last weekend we finally got around to cleaning up what has hitherto been the "junk room" as we so elegantly put it. Everything we moved that we couldn't find a place for just got chucked in the spare bedroom. Well after hours of working with my husband in that tiny little room we finally managed to sort everything out. There was an incredible amount of garbage and things to donate to Goodwill - not proud of the fact that I was so disorganized that I actually moved all that trash! :S

So now my scrap space is coming back together. The only thing left to do is hang some pictures, shelves and my clock on the walls (a honey-do item for sure!) and it should be ready for pictures to post on here!! Until then, however, I have Easter cards, birthday cards and a mini scrapbook album to work on. After that it'll be time for Mother's Day cards, Father's Day cards, and working on layouts of all our spring and summertime adventures. There are several sewing projects I started at my old house that need to be finished up as well...I'm such a slacker!

Anyway, there are a lot of fresh, new posts headed your way, so stay tuned and I'll try not to disappoint! Till then, stay stylish and remember: craftiness is not optional!

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