Thursday, October 7, 2010

I am so sorry....

That I haven't posted in FOREVER!!! But never fear, great things are coming your way!!

I just spent the last 60 minutes of my life attempting to wake up with a mug of hot cider curled up with a faux-rabbit-fur throw and a knit shawl in front of my computer. In case you've never tried this, it's NOT the best way to wake up. Cold showers or going for a run in the 40 degree morning air work far better.
However, we'll count it as time well spent, because in my attempt to stay awake, I went snooping around Anthropologie's and Pottery Barn's websites. You want to know what I found?


Oh, this just will not do. Who pays $10 for a pine cone??? I think I probably have at least 10, maybe more, in my yard right now! Gee, at this rate, I could be a millionaire next week!
Because I don't enjoy taking rich people's money for things they don't have time to create themselves for the holidays because they're so busy working to be rich, I've decided I must take it upon myself to show everyone else how to make some beautiful and expensive-looking CHEAP holiday decor! I'm up to my elbows in crafts......okay, so right now I'm up to my EARS in IDEAS. but keep your eyes peeled (could someone sometime fill me in on where that idiosyncrasy came from? kay thanks) because the holiday tutorials are coming, and they need YOU to comment on them so they can feel good about themselves! :D

Oh ya, and I know I only have but a couple followers, but if y'all or anyone else stumbling across my newborn blog would like to see a tutorial for something in particular, please just ask! While I ADORE crafting, my brain loves to tell me that the essay for psych class or the laundry or eating comes first...which they should, but I really need a good excuse to spend some quality time crafting, so let me know if there's something you'd like to try but maybe don't know how to totally design it, shop for it, or execute it, and I'll hook you up! I give myself a pretty hefty craft-store allowance each month, and lately it hasn't been spent!! :O My hubby would be so proud if he knew!!

He doesn't know, though. Honestly, I'm afraid if he knew I had started spending less on crafts....well, he might think that I have a new, reduced "necessary spending amount" and would find other uses for the leftover cash. Uh uh, nope, no way. That's a sacred "trust" (get it?) between myself and Hobby Lobby, and you can't take it away from me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. Thanks for the advice on my blog. I'm going to look into wordpress.
    A $10 PINECONE!!!! That goes with my story of the time I tried to sell a crochet book on ebay. I listed it twice, for $3.99 (a $25 book). Nobody wanted it, so I decided to cut it apart and sell the patterns individually. One of the patterns sold for $21. haha - Yup, people are crazy!