Thursday, November 11, 2010

No, I didn't fall off the face of the planet!

I really do have some fun things coming! I'm currently crocheting an AWESOME blanket, but I can't give any details yet since it's a gift! ;) I have been learning some mending and alterations skills in my free time as well, which has been a lot of fun. I'm becoming much more confident in my sewing skills, and hope to be able to make a few skirts for church in the near future!

I'll be going to my parents' the week of Thanksgiving, but after that the craft room will be occupied daily until Christmas! I'll have Christmas cards in the works very soon, as well as several gifts for family, including a super-sweet summer vacation mini-album and probably a few pieces of home decor! Stay tuned, and I promise you won't be disappointed! If anyone has any requests of things you would like to see, let me know. I'm always in need of good ideas for tutorials.

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