Sunday, August 15, 2010

Blogging to pass the time...

I got a ton of great storage (mostly wood 3-tier shelf-type stuff) for my craft room yesterday at a yard sale. Now it's all sitting, back to back, in the center of my room with heaps of yarn, paper and fabric in bags and laid out all over the floor. I can't even get into my own hobby room! (Much less walk around in it!)
So I'm sitting on the chaise, hoping to put the mess that cannot be avoided out of my mind. My fave blog at the moment is Craftaholics Anonymous. I mean this girl is just fabulous! But in my attempt to procrastinate, I found myself reading an article titled "you know you're a craftaholic when..." and I just HAD to share a few that seemed to apply readily to me!

1. Whenever you go shopping you end up buying nothing because you think you can make everything yourself!

2. You pass the craft store and have to tell yourself out loud: No. Groceries first!

3. Your guests have to sleep on the couch because you have a craft room instead of a guest room.

4. You would rather spend the day at a craft store than at the mall.

5. Your walk in closet has more craft supplies than clothes.

6. Your husband asks you if he still needs to save the empty paper towel rolls and then, eventually does it without asking.

7. You collect things your friends throw away. Recycling!

8. To take #7 further, I posted a list by two friends' kitchen garbage of things they are NOT ALLOWED to throw away, gave them each a plastic tub in which to collect these items, and I pick them up. They think I'm crazy but they always have fun making the crafts with me later!!

9. When you own at least 20 types of glue.

10. You blow the budget on fabric because there was a good sale.

11. Your husband drives 20 miles an hour over the speed limit on trash days, in fear you might find something in other's trash you want to "alter."

12. You hardly ever buy new clothes because it cuts into your crafting money.

I will admit I do all the financial stuff in our household, and my hubby really doesn't have much to do with it, other than telling me if he wants a little extra budgeted for something he wants this month. So I'm the one who sits down with the bills and calculator and makes the budget for the month....on my computer. Which he doesn't use. So he never actually SEES the budget.....I honestly can't tell you what he must think, because he has nooooo idea how much I spend on crafty things! I won't say numbers, but let's just say our monthly "crafting/hobbies" category on the budget usually outweighs the water, gas, electricity, cable, internet, cell phones and medical bills, all rolled into one "bills" category. YIKES! Well, he doesn't have to know. I usually get food on the table no matter what....unless Hobby Lobby has paper and ribbon half-off. What's a good side dish for paper a la king?? Grosgrain ribbon perhaps? LOL

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