Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Making the old new

WOW I STINK at keeping up with my blog! Life has been so crazy lately I haven't had two seconds to myself to be inspired it seems! However, inspiration has finally come in the form of "reuse and recycle." My sweet hubby actually LOVES to go to the farmer's market, flea market, antique shops and yard sales with me - can you believe that?? So we got up at the crack of dawn Saturday morning (no easy feat!) and hit up around 10-12 yard sales! My new treasures:

-Dresser with matching mirror: now I really only wanted the mirror. It's HUGE! And we all know how expensive a brand new, large wall mirror is! Even on sale the ones at the home decor store are over $120. I asked if I could take just the mirror and offered $10 (a large sum at a yard sale, right?) for it. Well the guy's wife said "how COULD you? They go together, we're selling them together!" Alright, but the dresser was $50. I looked at the guy, one eyebrow raised and said "is it really $50?" He peeled the sticker off and said "it's however much you want it to be." I told him we'd take the set for $20 and he gladly accepted. I gave the dresser (which isn't much to look at, but large and fully functional) to our friends, who just moved from dorm rooms into a large house together, as a house-warming present. And yes, I'm still planning on hanging the mirror on my wall, after some sanding and such!

-4 drawer filing cabinet: this I got at a different yard sale for $5!! It's a nice, clean white and in overall fantastic condition...except for a large scrape down the right side. I brought it home and it just so happens that the damaged side can be up against the wall so you can't even see it, and it fits PERFECTLY next to my scrap desk! Now I finally have somewhere to not only keep our household filing system, but I have a way to organize all the pretty paper scraps from projects past that I just can't bear to throw away. My plan for it? (Of course I have a plan!!) I'm going to my LSS today for Mod-Podge and a brayer. I've already removed the sleek brushed nickel knobs, and picked out pretty pink and black coordinating papers and trimmed them to size. I'm going to cover the inside of the front of each drawer with a pretty paper, then reattach the knobs over the top. YES pictures will be posted when I am finished!

-2 chipboard children's books: I plan on turning them horizontal and covering with paper for mini-albums as gifts. 2 books for $0.50.

-Napa Valley cassette tape holder: This one I actually got free - she had said $0.50, but then didn't want the coins after all! It is ALMOST the perfect size for my stamping ink pads...my husband just needs to remove a couple pieces so it will fit the larger pads. It even has holes in the back already so it'll be a quick hang job!

-Sewing machine: Last but not least - in fact, the most important I think! - is my new sewing machine! It's a Brother, and actually really nice! Seems to be fully functional, except for the fact that it's missing the Brother-specific bobbins (because they just HAD to make theirs different and therefore more expensive) and the presser foot. It's okay though, because I have coupons for Hobby Lobby! I downloaded the user manual for it online, printed it and put it in a binder under my sewing desk. My first project? Fixing my poor hubby's uniform pants for work! He's a crew chief, and definitely wears right through the "reinforced" backside and knees constantly! Up until now it's meant a new pair of $50 uniform bottoms every other month, but now I can patch the holes, reattach belt loops, re-stitch pockets, and basically save us a ton of money!
BEST PART??? The sewing machine cost.....(drumroll)......$35.

I can't wait till the Saturday after next when we can do it all again! I just have to get all my current projects done first! :P

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