Friday, August 20, 2010

Hooray for Friday!

It's Friday! Last day to run errands and get MY stuff accomplished without the "help" of my husband! I know we're about due for some pictures here, I promise they're coming tomorrow. Here's what I'm up to today, I need to finish a couple of items before the hubs gets home from work, or he'll try to lend a "helping" hand and just end up doing it himself. It's not going to happen this time though! I really do want to do these, all by myself!

Alright, so remember the white filing cabinet I adhered hot pink and black papers to? So I guess my room is white, hot pink and black now! That $5 corner shelf I got has been sanded down and I'm on coat 2 of 4 of white paint. After that I'm stenciling a pretty flower design in -yep- hot pink and black. I also had some unfinished, divided wood shelves I was laying flat in my dresser drawer and using for jewelry. Well I de-cluttered and got rid of a lot of ugly, cheap-o jewelry, so I painted those shelves white last night as well. I have big plans for them, but I can't tell you what they's a surprise! Hopefully I can get them finished and post pics tomorrow!

I'm also about 1/3 done crocheting my friend's baby blanket. I only have 5 real days left to work on it before the shower, because I start school on Tuesday. It's pretty cool that I set up my school schedule this fall so all my classes are earlier in the day, and only on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, meaning we could leave town on a Thursday night and take a long weekend through Monday night, anytime we want! :P I know, I'm a pretty lucky chick.

Oh ya, and I have that gift scrapbook album I was making for someone who is very special to me. Just in case, I can't tell you about it till it has made it into the recipient's hands. We've all become such online stalkers these days, you never know who could read your blog at any moment!

Wow, after typing all that out I just grabbed my "fall project list" notebook, and I've barely skimmed the surface! So much to do, and so VERY LITTLE TIME!!!!

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